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Plasma Kraft AS, and its subsidiaries, produce their own switch mode power supplies and control systems for microwave and RF applications for industrial use.

The switch mode power supplies come in modules of 2 kW, 20 kW and 30 kW units allowing for multiple combinations to suit any power requirement. The super-high frequency and speed of the system allows us to control and modulate the microwave lamps so that it will produce only the necessary power and last longer. This allows us to achieve the highest energy efficiency possible for this technology and tune the systems to the client's specific needs.

We produce systems for the most common civil-use frequencies for microwave application.

Currently we are designing systems for conveyor and batch drying applications for agriculture, ceramics and light metal industry.

Plasma Kraft AS also specialises in heat and power application through our microwave plasma technology.

  • Synthesis gas from biomass or coal dust can be applied in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) application for on or off grid use, or refined further for other industrial uses.
  • Plasma combustion of biomass or coal solutions for large or small scale heat production or in combination with other “off-the-shelf” technologies to produce compact CHP solutions requiring far smaller CAP compared to standard thermal combustion technologies of biomass waste.



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