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Advanced Microwave and Plasma Technologies for Energy and the Environment

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Plasma Kraft builds advanced energy efficient industrial microwave and induction systems for drying, heating, microwave plasma combustion and gasification. Our microwave drying technology covers the technical ceramic, wood processing and food processing industries. They are fully automated and compact and easily integrated into existing production processes. Our team of specialists will work with clients to find the most optimal solution and fit. We guarantee a controlled and even drying process across the whole drying surface free from hot spots. Our food processing dryers operate at temperatures that preserve the nutritional value of the product being processed.
The industrial induction drying technology is ideally suited for removal of moisture and emulsion from aluminium waste such as shreds and dross at a significant lower level of energy consumption compared to existing systems.Our microwave plasma systems produce clean syngas (synthesis gas) from biomass waste such as sawdust with a high calorific value.

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