Plasma Kraft AS is a Norwegian company that possess core technology applicable within several business areas. The company develops industrial equipment that delivers energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers while improving production capacity at reduced costs.

The company was established 2008 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Plasma Kraft AS is parent company for:

  • Plasma Technologies Ltd in Ukraine – established 2008
  • Efficient Energy Solutions Ltd in Poland – established 2015

Since 2008 Plasma Kraft has been engaged in developing the most efficient industrial drying solutions possible. Our intensive R&D work over several years give us the best possible OEM-platform to create bespoke solutions for our clients and thus increase their efficiency and production capacity.

Plasma Kraft's team consist of specialists in industrial power electronics, software programming, microwave and RF applications, thermo-physics, industrial design and engineering and heat exchange technologies.

Our approach to industrial drying has been applied in several industrial fields such as metallurgy, plastic film, ceramics, and agricultural/food processing showing energy efficiency gains up to 70%.

Plasma Kraft AS has also developed and successfully tested pilot solutions for combustion and gasification of all kinds of biomass using microwave plasma reactors.

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